NABSS Training Workshop: “Effective learning in the Primary & Secondary classroom”

On the 11th of November a NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) training workshop was held in British School Xàtiva under the theme “Effective learning in the Primary and Secondary classroom”.

As teachers and leaders, we continue to search for the key to unlocking pupils’ independent learning skills. So, in an increasingly accountable educational world, how can we effectively move from co-regulation to self-regulation of learning?

This course, based on global research over the past 30 years, enables teachers at all stages of education to gain a deeper understanding of what effective learning is and to identify the tools and strategies that support deep and meaningful learning.

This workshop featured Wendy Delf, who has extensive experience in education over the last 30 years, having worked as a teacher and headteacher in secondary schools, as a senior advisor in a local education authority, where she led an extensive programme of support for newly qualified teachers for over 300 primary and secondary schools, and led moderation teams in KS1 and KS2 assessment and moderation programmes for over 200 primary schools. 

Wendy is passionate about developing the capacity of teachers and leaders so that, collectively, we can maximise outcomes for all our pupils, and enable teachers and leaders to gain a greater understanding of how their pupils learn.