Franc Corbi appointed 1st Vice President of ACADE.

The employer representation of the entire private educational sector in Spain (private schools, private nursery schools, British schools, ballet schools, etc…) are mostly represented in ACADE. From this organization, in which our Director has been Treasurer of the national executive for years, the interests and quality of private education are defended before the government, political parties, institutions and society.

Through ACADE and NABSS, Franc Corbi has always defended the independence and freedom of education in Spain, as well as promoting the excellence of educational centers with continuous training and innovation.

Proof of this has been its active role in the legislation of direct access to the University by British Colleges, in the elaboration of the white book of education or in the

Commission of the Congress of Deputies on Brexit, being the representative of the private sector in it.

Last October, he held meetings with the Autonomous Secretary of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana to, among other things, defend tax relief for families for school expenses in private centers and also held a meeting with the President of ACADE, with the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá.

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