New Pre-Nursery classroom at the BSG

Our Pre-Nursery kids have opened their new classroom!

From the Thursday, February 1 , our students from the class of PreNursery can enjoy the new classroom that we have prepared especially for them: a space for more than 90m 2 with different areas of sensory stimulation, with the aim of learning, developing and enhancing their intellectual and social skills, equipped with specific material to enhance their development:

  • Baby armchairs: to favor postural control.
  • Mosaics of activities with multiple combinations: to develop visual-perceptual and psychomotor coordination.
  • Sensory blocks: to work on creativity, the perception of movement and differentiation with colors and sounds.
  • Ball pool with light: to stimulate through light through transparent balls that help mature the senses and build a foundation for perception by increasing responsiveness (coming soon).
  • Animal-shaped mirrors: to favor self-recognition, expression, etc…
  • Adventure Center: to facilitate walking, coordination, postural control, etc…




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