Pinocchio Theater

If we turned every applause into Triumph

And every story told in Enthusiasm

We would go every day To that magical place;

Where each of us stumbles with our imagination,

And it creates a better version of our own Self.

A place that transported me to another dimension.

If you seek it and find it, that’s where I went today,

A e S heard a new story that captivated me.

Laughing out loud as you can see… without stopping.

But keep Searching and find it, that’s where I was today.

Thanks to my parents and my school, who wanted me to be.

With all the desire put into giving me that illusion.

What are you waiting for? Seek and find it, that’s where I was happy today.

My friends applauded non-stop and I left my voice,

A place where the ” X orradas” become pure passion.

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