2nd position in the Business Race in Valencia

Several teams from the BSA, BSX, BSG participated yesterday in the Business Race in Valencia , and one of them obtained the Podium, classified in 2nd position.

From the BSA/BSX/BSG, we encourage our students to practice sports, either with extracurricular activities and sports clubs offered at school or outside of it, and the best way to educate is by example.

Because the formation of a person is not only academic. Sport is an essential part of the comprehensive training of our students, and like every year, several members of the staff participate in different sporting events, individually, but above all as a team.

On this occasion, one of the 3 teams that participated in the school, has been classified in 2nd position in the 2016 Valencia Business Race.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for promoting this type of event!!!!!

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