Once upon a time there were three places called BSA, BSX and BSG, places where many of my colleagues had already been but I couldn’t imagine. Every year they told me how wonderful everything that happened there was and those who came back talked about the special people they met. Many of my friends said that a different language was spoken there, Spanish, and that many times they did not understand with words what was planned there but they deciphered it with the smiles drawn on their faces.

This year, I have been there and it has been much better than I expected.

There were kids everywhere in pink bibs, blue bibs, yellow pullovers or navy blue sweatshirts. They all had in their hand something that made a sound, something that they say could change our destiny.

I have seen how they laughed, pointed and reached for us; I have felt many hands rubbing my back, their little fingers turning my pages and their eyes following the drawings with their words.

But among all the students one looked at me and decided not to leave me in those places again and now I am happy having a new home to be.

Signed: A Book

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