BSA & BSX students among those selected for the Semi-Final of the “UNIDREAM” Programme

Last Saturday 29th April, the Semi-Final of the UNIDREAM Programme was held in Valencia, in which many of our 4th ESO and 1st BACHILLERATO students from BSA and BSX were selected to participate.

This year the school has initiated an agreement with the UNIDREAM guidance programme. This programme will help our students to find possible degrees and universities that match their personal and academic profile. In addition, the best profiles at national level will have the option of winning the Unidream scholarship: which consists of managing the process of preparation, admission and scholarship application to an International University.

Our students have been selected because the UNIDREAM programme considers their profiles to be very interesting.

All Year 11 and Year 12 students have completed several actions within the programme: Multiple Intelligences Test, questionnaire on personal and professional interests, English and Maths tests, and thanks to the results of these tests, they have been selected to participate in the Semi-Final.

The Semi-Finals are training and meeting days, where the participants receive talks from renowned speakers who share with them the keys to their professional success to help them in their orientation. These talks cover topics such as medicine and health, the business world, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Sport.

At a competitive level, a test of General Culture and current affairs took place, consisting of an exam with multiple-choice questions and a development question on a topic.

Now we are waiting for the results of this second phase… 

Good luck to all of you!