“Topic Days” for Year 4 & Year 6 pupils

Year 4 and Year 6 pupils have had topic days related to the content they are learning in class.

In Year 4 they have been studying about the Ancient Romans and on their special Roman day they have had the opportunity to take part in theatre activities such as the Roman Shield Formations, where they have used the shields they created in Art, learnt about Roman cooking and food culture, taken part in maths games with Roman numerals and puzzles, and sang Roman songs.

In Year 6 they have been studying about the Victorian era, so they have been able to experience what it was like to go to school in that time, what their culture and way of life was like, and they have taken part in games and dances inspired by the Victorians.

In both cases the pupils were able to come dressed up in costume or bring some accessories related to those topics, to enjoy their themed days even more.

We hope they had a great time on their special days and learnt a lot about their topics to reinforce what they have learnt in the classroom.