Dr. Javier Urra at “Gran Teatro de Alzira”: “The essentials in education”

On Tuesday 21st March at the “Gran Teatro de Alzira”, the first of the sessions given by Dr. Javier Urra took place as part of the College’s “Emotional and Mental Health Department: Prevention and Intervention”.

The main theme of the talk was “What is essential in Education”, and in reference to this issue, Dr. Urra spoke about nature, spirituality, forgiveness, sense of humour, language, feeling concerned, and a long etc… all essential aspects for a good education, to face life, to share it, to improve it. 

For this session, aimed at all teachers, parents and pupils in Years 11-12 & 13, we reserved an outstanding venue, the “Gran Teatro de Alzira”. 

Parents, pupils, family and friends were able to attend the talk, as listening to Dr. Urra is a unique opportunity that we are convinced will provide them with something that will not leave them indifferent.