What would learning the English language be without a little fun? On Saturday, May 11, British Saturdays Alzira and Xàtiva celebrated Fun Day. Fun Day consists of involving all the senses in learning. This day we enjoy activities such as yoga, origami, salt dough, cooking, sports or t-shirt design. Our students left school exhausted but with a big smile on their faces. They had a great time!

We invite you to see the photos and decide if you want to be part of this wonderful experience next year.

What is learning English without a bit of fun? On Saturday 11th May, British Saturdays Alzira & Xàtiva celebrated FUN DAY.

Fun Day is all about engaging all the senses in learning. On Fun Day we enjoyed English activities like yoga, origami, saltdough, cooking, sports or t-shirt design. Our students left school exhausted but with big smiles on their faces.
They had such a fantastic day!

We invite you to see the photographs and decide whether you want to join us for this magnificent experience next year!



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