Visit to the “Principe Felipe” Science Museum by Year 5 pupils

Last Friday 24th February, Year 5 pupils went on a trip to the “Príncipe Felipe” Science Museum in Valencia to visit the exhibition “MARS. THE CONQUEST OF A DREAM”.

The students took part in a private guided tour in which they experienced and discovered the most relevant or curious facts about the red planet.

The fascination and curiosity for Mars dates back to 4,500 years ago, when the Assyrians were the first to refer to the red planet.

The exhibition visited by the Year 5 students was intended to bring them closer to this fascination and the challenges of a future human colonisation, offering a vision of all the perspectives of the planet, from a scientific, cultural and historical point of view. They were able to hear what their voice would sound like or what their weight would be on Mars, and they were able to test their knowledge of the red planet with a quiz of images of Earth and Mars.

In five large blocks, they answered questions such as “Why is Mars so interesting?” and “What are the facts that define it and distinguish it from the other planets in the solar system? They learnt about the observation of Mars from a scientific and science fiction point of view, its influence on the collective imagination and how it has been represented in culture. 

And finally, they reviewed the different milestones in the space race to Mars and the future of human conquest of the planet.

You can see all the images in the following link: