We visit the Eco-Sustainable Cities of our Year 10 Students

For the subject of Geography and History with the teacher Don Puig, Year 10 students have had to create a model of their ideal eco-sustainable city as a final project for the second term.
In order for an eco-sustainable city to be considered as such, the distribution of buildings and infrastructure must be taken into account, it must respond to criteria of energy sustainability and provide solutions to the great challenges of cities (atmospheric pollution, waste management, problems of marginality, supply, traffic problems…).
The students have done a magnificent job with their models, choosing to use common materials such as cardboard, toothpicks, wood and cardboard, combining much more advanced and technological materials, reproducing buildings with 3D printers.
In the models, great detail has been taken into account, recreating what for them would be essential in their TOP eco-sustainable city.

Good job guys!!