We visited the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant with Year 13 students

Year 13 students made a visit to the Information Center of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant. As an objective, the students had to study the production of energy in a power plant, the problems associated with changes in demand and supply and to evaluate the success of the plants.

In the Information Center they had means of communication to explain the operation of a nuclear power plant and in particular that of Cofrentes.

The students were able to enjoy a personalized presentation at their level, supported by projections, panels and models. The visit consisted of exhibitions, films and debates for which the students prepared questions related to their studies. At the end, a time for debate/colloquium was opened and a collection of informative brochures was handed out to each one. in order to expand your knowledge.

This visit is an important aspect of the A-Level Geography course and helps students understand, so we are delighted that Year 13 students had the opportunity to see these aspects of the curriculum in a more original and privileged way. .