“Addictions & Drugs Workshop” for Year 9 pupils and “Breast & Testicular Self-Examination Workshop” for Year 13 pupils

During these months, the School’s Nursing Department, in collaboration with the Psychopedagogical Department, have been carrying out various Health workshops for the different classes, with topics aimed at their ages. 

On this occasion, Year 9 students have attended a workshop on the prevention of addictive behaviours with the aim of informing students about the different types of addictions most common, as well as the effects on physical and mental health of the main harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, energy drinks among others in order to facilitate healthy decision making and understanding the risk involved in their consumption.

We consider it essential to prevent the acquisition of addictive behaviours through education as a mechanism to improve health, reduce the rate of consumption of these substances and therefore avoid the acquisition of unhealthy habits.

On the other hand, Year 13 students have attended a workshop on breast and testicular self-examination, with the aim of learning how to detect any abnormalities and prevent breast and testicular cancer.

Early detection is very important in this type of disease, as the earlier it is detected, the sooner treatment can begin and the more likely it is to be successful.