High level of Art’s Courseworks submitted to the Examination Board

A Level Art students have to complete two projects over the two years of the 6th Form. The first is Coursework, which lasts a year and a half, and the other is the Exam Project, which they have recently completed. 

For the latter, the Examination Board proposes a theme (in this case it was “Simple or Complex”) at the beginning of February and the students have until the end of April to develop their interpretation of this theme through drawings, paintings, experimenting with different plastic techniques and compositions, studying a variety of artists as sources of inspiration and so gradually arrive at a final work which is the 15 hour exam which takes place over 3 full days. Students are assessed on how they record their ideas (through drawings or annotations), their creativity and commitment to developing various ideas and their critical thinking when choosing a technique to express their concepts.

Below you will find some of our students’ Exam Projects with some great results.

We hope you enjoy them…

Congratulations to all of our artists!!!