Those of us who are dedicated to education know the important work and opportunity we have for the new generations to grow and be trained in a positive, joyful and motivating way. Some generations that, from the experience of the previous ones, evolve and grow without the barriers that others have experienced .

Educational centers have the responsibility not only to provide this opportunity to our own, but also to be the engine of change in society.

That is why we wanted to provide a message that we want to spread and reach many people.

A message that contributes to all those who are dedicated to educating: from home, from schools… in short, to all those who at some point want to contribute to young people with their messages and advice. For this reason, we have designed an unprecedented spot with a team of professionals, and starring entirely by students and parents of the British School Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandia group .

A message that excites, that serves to improve us all, and that I have the hope that it will arrive and that, of course, will serve its purpose.


‘The Hidden Curriculum under Examination’ is an initiative of the British School Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandia Group with which we want, this time, to be us , adults and educators , who examine ourselves.

The potential of our children is infinite, a potential that is discovered without labels, without prejudice or conditioning.

On a day-to-day basis, we must be aware that the best message is to say “go ahead”. Without expecting something programmed, projected or expected about our children or students.

The hidden resume are the messages that sometimes we have all lived, subject to traditions, and imposed roles generated in society. It is time to reflect and take the step together so as not to promote labels, roles assigned by the fact of being a boy or a girl. I think that a boy should know how to show his emotions and should be able to laugh but also cry. I think that a girl should discover her hobbies also by sweating a ball without derogatory comments. I believe, in short, that the development of the person can be more comprehensive if we are all aware of how happy we would make our loved ones by encouraging them to live without borders or brakes .


How many people have not discovered a great talent to develop by having someone next to them who told them “don’t try it”, “it doesn’t belong to you” or “it’s not typical of someone like you”?

I’m talking about hobbies, sports, emotions and of course, professions.

I believe in an education in which students mainly enjoy and discover daily experiences, a multitude of skills and endless activities in which everyone can discover and enjoy them. I believe in education, in creating all opportunities for students to fully develop and discover their talents and hobbies, without clichés or limiting messages.

This message has also served for reflection with our students from the youngest to the oldest. We have watched it together, debated and reflected on it .

I assure you that they want it and it makes them happy to be part of this message.

That is why we wanted someone to share this message with us and who better than someone with the gift of speech, communication and awareness regarding this issue, as he has shown in his latest published work. For us it is a pleasure to have a journalist of the stature of Cristina Villanueva to present ‘The Hidden Curriculum under Examination’.

A hundred people have been involved in this project : from scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, sound and image technicians, infographics, communication agencies, etc.

To all of them, thank you very much for being part of it.

And of course, to all the students who have been involved in being part of this message.


The true freedom of the person begins from the discovery and knowledge of who he is.

That is why the final motto of our message is that our obligation as fathers, mothers and educators is that we should not educate boys or girls, but people.


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