New “Gourmet Food Truck” service at BSA and BSX

From the 1st of February students between Year 3 and Year 13 at BSA and BSX will start to enjoy our “Gourmet Food Truck”, the new gourmet lunch service at British School.

Thanks to this service, students will be able to pick up their freshly prepared lunch every day at playground time, choosing between two options: a healthier one and a traditional one.

Among the healthy options they will be able to find: a wholemeal sandwich of tuna, tomato, lettuce and hard-boiled egg or a turkey sandwich with lettuce and chia, and a sandwich of potato omelette with onion or a sandwich of marinated pork loin, bacon and cheese, among the traditional options.

To access this service, students will be able to purchase a season ticket for a full month of gourmet lunches.

We are delighted to be able to offer our students this service through which they can have their sandwiches crispy and warm.