Proud of Our Results in the World Mathematics Competition

Last Friday 25th March, in honour of International Maths Day, a competition took place involving over 9,000 schools with over 3 million pupils from around the WORLD: USA, Thailand, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, India, Pakistan, etc.

BSX Year 6, under the guidance of their teacher Jo Smith, has been ranked 1st Nationally and 45th in the world.

Year 6 of BSA, under the supervision of their teacher Gary Wane, have achieved 3rd place at National Level and 177th place in the world.

In individual terms, Sergio Pastor (BSX pupil), who came second at National Level, and Joan Xu (BSA pupil) who came 25th in the National Ranking.

Outside of the competition, our Primary pupils from all three Schools did a superb job, demonstrating that they can cope with a wide variety of complex tasks, even from their young age in EYFS;

  • Measuring rainfall using jugs and buckets in EYFS
  • Using Maths shed Year 1 – Year 2
  • Parabolic curves in Year 3
  • Multiplication games
  • High level problem solving/logic puzzles
  • Using Pi numbers to create a range of artistic designs (Year 4)
  • Strategies in dominoes
  • Planning a holiday on a budget in Year 5 and Year 6 (BSG)
  • Fractions
  • Creating and measuring the tallest tower that can hold its balance with an egg on top

Super results!!!

Thank you for your commitment