Rafa Pérez Guardiola, BSA Student, has Received  a Scholarship From The University Of Warwick

Rafa Perez Guardiola, a BSA Year 13 student, has been accepted to 3 excellent UK Universities: St Andrews, Edinburgh and Warwick.

At Warwick, where he will be studying a double degree in Mathematics and Physics, he has been awarded a £13,000 scholarship in the form of a tuition fee discount, stating in the award letter that “The Warwick Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship panel was impressed by your application”.

The scholarship has been awarded to him because of his good grades, as well as his extracurricular report..

The University of Warwick is ranked as one of the top 10 in the UK and one of the top 80 in the world. For us, when a student informs us that they have been admitted to a University like this, it is always a great source of pride, but for these students, in this case for Rafa, it is a stepping stone above the one he is currently jumping off at the end of his Sixth Form.

Our heartfelt congratulations.