The British School Group Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia is committed to renewable energies

For some time now, the BSA-BSX-BSG has been one of the 50 selected and accredited schools in Spain that form part of the Eco-Schools Network.

In our schools, in addition to having implemented an active recycling system in all areas of the centres, in which both staff and students collaborate daily through selective collection of paper and cardboard, packaging and plastics, glass, organic waste, and other materials that are part of every day…, we are firmly committed to renewable energies:

Proof of this is that at British School Alzira we have had a new self-generation solar plant (for direct consumption), with a power of 43 kW, which currently allows us to generate approximately 35% of the electrical energy consumed in the school. This power guarantees a production of approximately 53 MWh per year, which will avoid the emission of 10 tons of CO2 per year.

The panels have been placed on the upper part of the Sixth Form building, and work has already begun to implement the same system in the centres of Xàtiva and Gandia.

Caring for our planet is everyone’s job.