Workshop on “Prevention of screen addiction” for Year 8 pupils

Year 8 pupils attended a workshop on “Prevention of Screen Addiction”, given by the Nursing Department together with the School’s Psychopedagogical Office.

New technologies have opened windows to the world in a way that we could not have imagined just a couple of decades ago. New technologies, when used appropriately, represent an extraordinary tool for communication, personal development and education, among others, but we must not forget that they also entail risks.

From the Psychopedagogical Department of the School we consider it essential to inform students about the appropriate and safe use of the devices, therefore, this workshop aimed to make students aware of the advantages of new technologies but also to distinguish between hobby, abuse and addiction.

Providing them with preventive strategies and offering them information about the risks involved in excessive exposure to screens promotes critical thinking, responsible behaviour and healthy lifestyle habits.