Workshop “Physical changes: Menarche & Spermarche” for Year 6 pupils

On Friday 17th November, Year 6 pupils attended a workshop at the school on “Physical Changes: Menarche & Spermarche”, given by the Nursing Department together with the school’s Psychopedagogical Office.

The aim of the workshop was to inform students about the stage of human development in which they are currently, in which the body matures reproductively, which represents certain doubts, feelings, experiences, etc ….

The workshop was held separately for girls and boys, and covered different topics such as the anatomy and physiology of their reproductive organs, the menstrual cycle, and the transition to the fertile stage.

From the Psychopedagogical Department and the School Nurse we consider it essential to properly inform students at this age, during this stage of change and exploration in which young people are particularly vulnerable to risk, which requires safe sex education. Knowing what to expect from this process helps them to understand and experience it with knowledge.