Technovation Girls event and awards ceremony, our students, conquer the summit!!

On Saturday morning, 28 May, María Guerrero, Anna Alandete, Carmen Durá, Jennifer Cuerda and Lucía Martínez Aracil took part in the Technovation Girls event and awards ceremony at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. They defended the project they had presented to the competition together with their team, which focused on the App they had created, in which they bring technology closer to the elderly. 

The jury, made up of managers from important companies such as Ford, Demium… was captivated by the presentation in English made by María and Anna.

At the awards ceremony there were 2 Vice-rectors (internationalisation and innovation), Presidents of three Engineering Colleges and of the Valencia Engineers’ Board, the Territorial Director of the Regional Ministry of Innovation, the Deputy Mayor of Valencia, a representative of American Space, etc.

And our students won the gold prize in their category, senior, so their project goes to the next phase, and also the special prize of a week of training at Ford, learning skills such as leadership, management, etc. and the opportunity to have a team of this important company as a learning model.